How to repair plastic bumpers

How to repair plastic bumpers

This repair saved the customer over £600 on a new genuine bumper. luckily the customer had the broken part.



The bumper is removed from the car to allow access to both sides of the bumper. The bumper repair is then thoroughly cleaned and holes are then drilled at the end of the cracks to stop them spreading.

Cracks and splits are then prepared for plastic welding by cutting grooves in the cracks, this will relieve any stress in the repair ensuring the damaged will go back into shape.

The broken part is then prepared to ensure it will fit properly. the repair area is then sanded to clean any plastic burrs and keying the surrounding area, after sanding the repair is thoroughly blown down and cleaned.

We find the best and strongest repair method is by using the 3M plastic repair patch. The repair patch is shaped for the best fit which will hold the repair together so the bumper can easily be plastic welded giving a very strong repair.

All the groves in the repair are then welded/glued together and allowed to dry. After the plastic repair has dried it then sanded to remove any excess weld/glue this can then be reshaped with filler.

The plastic repairs the then ready for spraying.

Dent Repairs

Panel dent repairs.

Dent repairs are carried out by sanding back to bare metal which allows any necessary panel beating can be carried out to remove as much of the dent as possible.  The rest of dent is then filled and reshaped as required.

Any bare metal showing after the filling process then has an etch primer applied to allow adhesion of the following coats. High build primer is then applied to fill any abrasive marks in the filler and panel surface. The high build primer is then rubbed down ensuring there are no defects in the panel.


Bonnet Resprays

 Bonnet resprays and machine polishing.

Showing how we finish off our bonnet resprays . once the bonnet is resprayed it’s then rubbed down, using different grades of fine wet “n” dry to achieve a imperfection free finish. The bonnet it then machine sanded using p3000 grade sanding disc to remove any very fine sanding marks.

After the sanding process, the bonnet is then machine polished. Machine polishing is carried out using different grades of 3M polish giving our bonnet respray a high gloss blemish free finish.



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