Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy wheels refurbished to the highest standard.

If you’ve damaged your alloy wheels. Our alloy wheel refurbishment services will make them look like new. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to chip or scuff your alloy wheels whilst out driving, no matter however careful you are.

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During an alloy wheel refurbishment, the damage is sanded to blend the repaired area with the rest of the wheel. Any damage which won’t sand out is then filled in using ground aluminium filler to reconstruct the shape and contour of the wheel.

The wheel surface is then prepared and high-quality primers are then applied to cover the repaired area. Basecoat colour is then matched using the latest computerised paint formulation software using the paint code from the manufacturer. It is then applied by a spray gun, not Aerosol.

Then finally finish in a 2K scratch-resistant clear coat creating a longer lasting superior finish to the refurbished alloy wheel giving the original manufacturers quality finish.

To keep the refurbished alloys looking good and protect them from any future damage or kerbing we recommend having alligator fitted.

Please note: We do not carry out repairs to alloy if the wheel Structural buckled or split. We also do not carry out repairs to wheels that are chrome, laser cut or of a split rim construction.

All alloy wheel repairs are subject to wheel inspection.


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